Perspective and action from the customer’s standpoint at all times

In today’s world where diversification, high quality and cost reduction of products are demanded, communication among our customer, our company and manufacturer (suppliers) is considered more important than ever. We constantly acquire the latest information from each manufacturer so as to offer the best products to our customers. For new requests from customers, we get involved from the development stage to understand the needs and effectively suggest improvements. Through our daily business activities we think, communicate and act from the customer’s standpoint to meet various needs. That is our mission to continue to be the best supplier.

Advantages of Asahi Corporation

1.Low Cost

We directly purchase from domestic and overseas manufacturers.
We can offer products to customers at low cost because of reduced management fees.

2.High Quality

We conduct detailed demand and quality management by direct business negotiations with the manufacturers.

3.Delivery Date Management

Wide varieties and small lot delivery using our own and contracted warehouses.

4.On-site Policy

Our employee from the Sales Department will visit the manufacturing site to negotiate and provide optimum solutions to the customer.